Under the brand PATONMED® produced a series electrocoagulators. The basic model for all is electrocoagulator high frequency welding EKVZ-300. This coalescer for use in fixed operating and can be placed on a horizontal table and specialized racks.

For operational work in the field designed mobile Apparatuses with the letter “M” placed in convenient transport boxes.

In turn, the mobile Apparatuses also have different: with a portable remote control – EKVZ MDC-300, and the control panel on the instrument – EKVZ-300 M.

Furthermore, each of the devices EKZV-300 any modification individually adjusted for optimum performance in specific conditions. And setting (programming) is performed by the main control panel without the use of additional equipment and accessories.

A wide range of options – this is one of the unique features electrocoagulators EKVZ-300.

For more information and descriptions of the different models of machines for welding of living tissue under the trade mark PATONMED® can be found in the brochure
“LIVE TISSUE WELDING apparatuses of EKVZ-300 PATONMED® series”

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