High Frequency Welding and Thermal Treatment of Live Tissues in Surgery
High­frequency live tissue welding (HF LTW) developed at the E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute of the NAS of Ukraine in close cooperation with leading medical organizations of Ukraine has demonstrated its effectiveness and is successfully applied in surgical practice starting from 2002. During this time over 150 various surgical procedures have been mastered and annually by using devices that useHF LTW – high-frequency welding electrocoagulators – held an average of 25-30 thousand surgeriesin such fields as general and abdominal surgery, traumatology, pulmonology, proctology, urology, mammalogy, otolaryngology, gynecology, ophthalmology, etc. This method is highly promising also at transplantation of various organs.
HF LTW is believed to be particularly promising for veterinary medicine application both for surgical treatment of animals (removal of tumors, castration, etc.), as well as for sanitization of cities.
As confirmed by numerous reports of leading surgeons and noted several times at various seminars and conferences, HF LTW method ensures:

  • bloodless, fast, convenient for the surgeon and low­traumatic for the patient performance of operative intervention, reliable hemostasis;
  • reduction of blood loss by about 50%;
  • shortening of surgery duration by 20 ­ 50%;
  • high ablasticity of surgery performance;
  • absence of suppurations;
  • fast and complete postsungery rehabilitation;
  • possibility of surgical treatment of patients, who were regarded as inoperable.

Respective equipment and instruments create a practical basis for HF LTW process realization. Starting from the first apparatuses created as far back as in the middle of the 90ties of the previous century, E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute developed a whole range of apparatuses supporting such a process. The area of distribution of apparatuses of PWI design for HF LTW (about 150 apparatuses of various modifications) covers many regions of Ukraine.

Today E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute of the NAS of Ukraine produces and offers to the market units ЕКВЗ­-300, manufactured under the trade mark PATONMED®.

They have received the state registration (Certificate № 14574/2015) and competes with the best world practices in surgical practice institutions of Ukraine.

EKVZ-­300 apparatus offers wide possibilities for selection of operating algorithms and working parameters of the process, depending on the kinds of surgery and surgeon’s requirements. Adaptation, modification and entering of additional programs are performed by user preference. It operates at frequencies 440 Hz with power controlled in the broadest range practically from zero to maximum values of this parameter, equal to 300 W.

Software products and operating algorithms developed as a result of numerous comprehensive investigations conducted by PWI in close cooperation with Ukrainian medical specialists, ensure successful performance of surgery in the most diverse surgical fields, making EKVZ­-300 apparatus to be a really unique and all­purpose tool in surgeon’s hands.

Equipment is, as a rule, fitted with a basic set of tools (pincers and forceps). Customers are offered many types of instruments for open and laparoscopic surgery (see the reverse side of this brochure), including special instruments, for instance, for otolaryngology or ophthalmology. EKVZ-­300 can operate with all the instruments for HF LTW developed at PWI so far. Adaptation and application of instruments from other manufacturers is also possible. Simultaneous connection of two instruments by surgeon’s choice is envisaged.

PWI set up production facilities, which allows to cover the needs for this kind of equipment in Ukraine with the possibility of exporting it.

EKVZ­-300 was the basis for development of mobile systems EKVZ­-300 M and EKVZ ­MDK, which are indispensable for on­call surgeons, first aid stations, air medical service, emergency medicine, veterinary surgery, etc. These apparatuses have small weight (6.5 kg with cables and basic instruments) and are convenient for carrying and transportation. They are deployed into the working position in just few minutes and can operate both under stationary and field conditions. Apparatus EKVZ-­300 MDK is fitted with a portable remote control panel.

The advantages and merits of new equipment, as well as of the processes of welding, cutting and coagulation of live biological tissues allow anticipating their wide practical application. In the future, apparatuses for high­frequency welding of live tissues should become an integral part of each surgery operating room and each surgery table.